afsan afsari

assistant architect

Afsan joined us in 2016 as a junior architect with an MFA (master of fine art) from Ravensbourne University, London. She has a strong interest in and spends a lot of her free-time working on graphic design and photography projects. She brings this eye for design and art to the office and it informs the work she does. We are predominantly an art lead practice and like to create ideas, Afsan is key to this.

Afsan is following a path to becoming a senior architect under the guidance of the senior members of the team designing in her favourite area of London. She refers to the ‘nurturing of the small, friendly team’, we’ll take that and her quiet, thoughtful approach is welcomed.

As a project architect with an ever-increasing portfolio of new designs under her belt Afsan supports the team and helps clients achieve their dream spaces each day.  Her influences and design hero’s range from Rem Koolhaas, Chriatoph Niemann, and Minimalism. Her thoughtful approach and eagerness and develop her construction skills make her invaluable to our team. Leigh is big fan of Paul Soulellis so Afsan and Leigh talk Graphics quite a lot. Afsan comes in most Mondays with tales of travels and enjoys hiking, coffee, psychology, Panda, and French Songs of no particular style. She has often fed Leigh and other team members following another discussion about food, she brings a passion for Thai Curry and Persian cookies. Did we mention table football…… Afsan really likes table football.