marcin komar

senior architect

Marcin is a senior architect here at 50˚ having joined us in 2016. He is responsible for coordinating aspects of our operations and is a project architect. As part of our ongoing ‘United Nations’ feel to the team Marcin hails from Poland and as such is invaluable when it comes to explaining our intricate designs to some of the fantastic builders we work with.

Marcin is very thorough and definitive and always adds realism to our in-house conversations which benefits us and our clients. He studied at UCL’s The Bartlett school of architecture and is reasonably obsessed with robots, we’re trying to work them into a scheme this year for him. Marcin is continually merging planning policy; design brief and construction detailing to progress our schemes and get progressive solutions for clients. Each project has a nugget of design to be mined in his opinion.

We are always refining the way we work and adapting to the market and industry, Marcin is key to making in house systems meet these demands, he’s always the keenest person in the room when we use the word ‘implement’.

When asked Marcin says that ‘Conceptualism’ is his preferred approach to architectural design problems, that’s not to say that clients should worry about getting extreme avant-garde design unless the brief requests it! Marcin has fully taken up cycling in his personal and commuting life which is applauded…..