Office Fit

written by: 50degrees on 22.07.15

We here at 50 Degrees realise the value of a holistic existence and part of that is health and well-being. We don’t have time for spa breaks and daily massage but were all on our own little plans to get fit/keep fit.

Charlotte has caught the bug and is now a pilates convert with several visits a week; Eliott is running and cycling everywhere it seems with a strong schedule of half marathons and parkruns; Prosanto is getting stuck in on the 5 a side football and parkruns while Angelo is also partaking in 5 a side. Shuarha is a Yoga specialist while Leigh obsesses over cycling with Club de Pedales, the Anglo/French Twickenham cycling club that is soon to be sporting sponsored jerseys by 50 Degrees.

We’re all GO!

At the top of one of the Alps most serious peaks this 73 year old cyclist was showing everyone how its done. Chapeau.