Festival, Music and Passion

written by: Lyndon Thomas on 10.07.17

On the 6th July we attended the House Festival in Marble Hill Park, as ever it was a blast. It was a place to meet past clients and have discussions and fun with the backdrop of the amazing Marble Hill house. Set to undergo a major refurbishment and upgrade of its park facilities Marble Hill is well worth a visit and its 10 mins walk from our offices by Richmond Bridge. The House is across the Thames from Ham House, you can see both in a day by using the ferry from Marble Hill House which is a great experience. The House Festival is just one afternoon and is generally rounded off with a crowd pleasing act (this year was Erasure, past years have featured ‘Kylie’ and The ‘Pet Shop Boys’), it’s a great place to catch up on lives being led, plans for the future and peoples passions for music. Music features heavily in peoples lives as a soundscape to their story. With architects being called on more and more to come up with solutions to peoples problems [of space, light and revitalisation] we think that introducing music wherever possible is a great thing, music can be combined with architecture in many ways to help tell the story of the way you live. Music evokes memories, raises the spirits and creates atmosphere in new spaces bringing them to life. Integrated music systems, good acoustic environment or a space for playing music are often part of an architect’s brief for a new space, we’re really excited and interested to work on schemes where this is the case. ‘Thank you for the music’ as they say.


House Fest Marble Hill