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An Architect’s Guide to Wrap Around Extensions

written by: 50degrees on 10.05.19

Based in Richmond, we are at the epicentre of ‘extensionville’, where many homes aren’t quite big enough for today’s lifestyles and spatial efficiency weighs on homeowners’ minds. We thrive on finding solutions to our clients’ space issues and specialise in designing side-return and wrap-around extensions (there are many fantastic examples on our projects page). Along with the need to […]

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Wrap Around Extension 1

5 Things you need to know about glass extensions

written by: 50degrees on 12.02.19

Here at 50°North, prospective clients often come into the studio to find out how they can bring more light into their homes. They want to know how they can add more glass without creating a loss of privacy or causing overheating in the summer. Architectural glass can help to create beautiful, bright and airy spaces. […]

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written by: 50degrees on 21.11.18

We’ve been mulling over ways to re-engage with the sustainable agenda and encourage our clients and potential clients to lessen the impact of their buildings on the environment. While there isn’t much current government legislation promoting sustainability, it has never been more relevant to take care of the environment and plan for the future. We […]

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Can you get us planning permission?

written by: 50degrees on 12.11.18

Planning is a system, one we negotiate on most schemes. Some boroughs and councils have good teams and case officers, some are overrun with applications and can be slower and more pedantic. As architects we are asked, usually in the first meeting with a client, ‘can you get us planning permission?’. The short answer is […]

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