tamaris harestad

office manager & marketing assistant

Tamaris has worked part time for 50 Degrees since March 2017 and has recently joined on a permanent basis which is great news, she is organised, enthusiastic and helpful with a wealth of experience providing Executive Assistance in a variety of industries. She has accumulated a library of transferable skills and brings a calming, ordered and hands-on approach to the practice. We knew she was the right person for our team when she managed to get a signal in the middle of Namibia to ‘Whatsapp’ us for an interview, she was on a three-month honeymoon… volunteering with the Otjiherero community in Namibia! Tamaris says she is a bit of a nomad, but throughout her career, the design studio is the place she is most drawn to. She regularly comes equipped with entertaining stories and experiences, and occasionally ‘baked goods’ to lure the team into writing their KPIs. To offset the office day and clear her head she takes part in adrenaline-filled activities such as canyoning and zip-lining.


Tamaris 20