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Claremont Road

Claremont Road


Ground floor rear extension and refurbishment of the rear of the house.

The Brief

Create space and make better use of the middle of the house while adding storage, back of house areas and a stunning kitchen, diner and living space for a family.

Our Solution

We had planning constraints that led to a lower boundary situation which we worked to our advantage by slotting the kitchen into a long box along one edge. Clarity between this element and the main body of the extension and some oversized doors give the scheme a unique feel.

Carefully positioned rooflights to introduce pools of light in key areas give the space focus. Finely tuned storage and a high spec kitchen make this a special space for a fantastic client.

It’s a great space to raise a family, relax in and plan cycling trips!


Edwardian, Side Return Extension, Wrap Around Extension