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Build Support

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Build Support

We offer various levels of service during and after construction. On many projects, the builder and client will be the core team and complete the project on their own but on most of our projects we will have an involvement in the site work advising on details and solving problems if they arise. We manage a building contract which greatly reduces the risk to a client and attend site meetings to check progress and ensure the project is being built to the drawings and specification. Buy working this way a client has much more control of the budget and quality of the end result.


The building of any project requires 100’s of decisions, all of these are better made as a team with the backdrop of a thorough set of information. On some projects we work much more closely with the builder as a team to deliver the design, this is called design and build and is a very good way to achieve certain projects. We offer an ad-hoc arrangement too where we visit site when requested or design other interior items during the build to finish the scheme. We are flexible about what we do at this stage but note that the best looking and most interesting projects seem to feature more architectural input from start to finish.

Build Support architect on site reviewing plans