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Carefully crafted elements come together into one amazing design

Housing design ideas


50 Degrees North is an amazing design studio with ideas, concepts, solutions and inspiration in spades. Getting a brief or a problem to solve is our lifeblood, designing our way out of a problem is exciting and something we do every day; we use computer (CAD), sketches, iPad and models to illustrate and develop our ideas with you.


We start with the brief and remit agreed with you and develop options for the layout of rooms and the elevations with notes and precedent studies to show clients how the design might look. Using resources like Pinterest and Houzz as well as our own portfolio of past projects we develop the scale, layout and form of the new building or space we’re creating. The first issue of drawings to you would be accompanied by precedents and a description of why and how we have developed the ideas.


Design is an iterative process with input from you the client, us as lead designer and often the builder and other technical specialists. We make suggestions and show the design intent with feedback and input along the way that refines and hones the design to a fixed design for planning submission. Throughout planning and during the build there are design adjustments and more detail added.

Housing Design Ideas on CAD plans