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Cobham Road

Cobham Road


Extend and renovate a detached villa style house in surrey over 3 floors with the industrial look.

The Brief

Extend the ground floor as much as possible using permitted development planning policy while maximising the loft and reorganising the first floor. Our client wanted more space for entertaining and relaxing in with their family and friends, all with an industrial aesthetic of Crittal glazing, exposed brickwork, steel and concrete. A sense of height and space but with some definition of the areas within a main family kitchen/diner off the garden. The brief also called for a loft extension to create a hideaway master suite with views over the garden. The loft was to continue the industrial approach so that the whole scheme created a neat, crisp and simple aesthetic with materiality at its core.

Our Solution

We began the design dialogue by maximising the new space at ground and second floors, this gave us a footprint to work with. We generated a series of layout options and conducted a design conversation with the client to organise the spaces in an inspiring and efficient arrangement across the floor plans……. The external shape and window arrangement were developed with a preference for the Crittal type look. We wanted to give the client a light industrial aesthetic with lots of light penetration into the plans framed with fantastic black frames.

Key to the family space interior design was the exposed steel structure and brickwork. The focal point is the fabulous Roundhouse kitchen and storage. The design is understated and crisp with unique touches applied by the client throughout.


Detached, Rear Extension, Victorian