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Holly Road II

Holly Road II


Extend off the rear of a terraced home replacing a dilapidated existing extension, opening up the plan

The Brief

Re-build a long rear extension to be new, crisp and super-light, reinvigorating the family home, inspiring the family along the way

Our Solution

This project started out as a possible renovation of the existing but as the design developed we quickly moved to a completely new space with, essentially the same external shape and footprint, but with a new, superstructure and specification. In a conservation area this scheme couldn’t reinvent the wheel or be increased in size BUT we could make it more streamlined, re-organise the space, and introduce new glazing. We moved the elements that were in the way or confusing for the internal arrangement and specified a better construction. It resulted in a very smart, solar orientated project that is leading on to a garden space for the family in the near future. We have completely future-proofed the property for the family and relatives as well as overcoming some basic problems to do with keeping out the weather! Our second scheme along this hidden terrace of cottages, we really love working on Holly Road. More to follow on this street!


Rear Extension, Terraced, Victorian