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Vine Road

Vine Road


A new build house on the site of a tired bungalow.

The Brief

Create a brand new house with mid-century modern design cues.
5 bedrooms including 2-3 en-suites and a range of circulation and living spaces to inspire.

Our Solution

The moment we met this client we wanted to work with them and we continue to do so today. A space creator and visionary designer himself, we knew we’d have to come up with some new ideas and explore all options on a narrow site.

Light was an issue, the deep plan needed a way of pulling in light and giving a sense of height to the main circulation spaces. We achieved this by notching out the centre of one side of the plan, adding mezzanine decks off the stairwell and working in the bedrooms over 3 floors.

The glamour of this scheme is in the combination of all of the living space – not in large rooms. We investigated several colour pallets and materials boards before settling on the warmer and handmade aesthetic.

We love this scheme and the furnishing completed by the client…


Detached, New Build