klea avenue

'back to front house'


Side extension to a Victorian house with internal reorganisation throughout.

The Brief

Open plan with very contemporary interior and a new approach to living space for a multicultural, cosmopolitan couple.

Our Solution

Having worked with this client previously, we knew that the brief would be for a contemporary space with open plan layout and materials on show wherever possible.

We set about working in built in storage joinery items, a back to front arrangement at ground floor and a glamourous master suite.

The ground floor was dug out a little and the now ubiquitous Crittall glazing added (before it was everywhere!).
We placed the dining space to the front, a double console kitchen in the centre of the plan and the living space off the yard garden. Quite an urban approach – but this is Clapham.

Using materials as the interior finish always works well, some great touches from the client to finish the space meant this is a scheme that we often refer to.