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Richmond Road

A large property with a great setting and wonderful views of the nearby park needed more light and space out of a collection of individual rooms that didn’t flow or relate well. The client wanted to experience the garden, bring in light and utilise the

Engadine Street

Design a family space with lots of light and areas for seating, cooking and eating for a young family. Create specific areas for a good-sized kitchen and dining space for day to day eating AND special occasions. We were to create a seating space or

Klea Avenue

Open plan with a very contemporary interior and a new approach to living space for a cosmopolitan couple.

Baronsfield Road

Our brief was to create a larger kitchen and dining space while linking the rooms across the width of this wide, double fronted property. We find that houses of this age feature fabulous frontages and grand features but lack any sort of cohesion and design

Ailsa Road

Create a WOW factor space, add glamour and fun and give the house a street side and garden side, both different.

Claremont Road

Create space and make better use of the middle of the house while adding storage, back of house areas and a stunning kitchen, diner and living space for a family.

Childebert Road

Work with the whole of the rear of a Victorian terrace to create a chefs kitchen/family hub and WOW factor interior.